Student of the Year Award

The Student of the Year Award is presented to a student who has demonstrated excellence in the study and promotion of German at a local school and/or in the state of Georgia. The award is usually accompanied by study trip to Germany: AATG-GA sponsors the flight, and the Goethe-Zentrum/German Cultural Center sponsors a Goethe-Institut language course in Germany. (Please note that these will be made available to the student when possible; these are not guaranteed). The chapter reserves the right not to award this honor.

Criteria and Procedure

  • The nominee's teacher must be a member of AATG in good standing.
  • The nominee should be a high-school senior who has been an outstanding student of German. If a teacher has no superlative student in their twelfth grade class, it is understood that they may nominate someone else. When selecting the winner, however, high-school seniors will be given preference.

  • The nominee should have plans to continue with their study of German.

  • The nominee should have a keen interest in the culture of German-speaking countries.

  • Applicants will meet with the committee at the State German Convention (Friday evening). Failure to attend this convention will result in disqualification. Applicants will be asked to write an extemporaneous composition as well as converse in German with the Selection Committee.

  • The Selection Committee is composed of three or more non-K-12 members (or at least individuals who have no direct connection with any of the candidates), including the AATG-GA Testing and Awards Chair. The chapter president may be an ex-officio member.

  • The winner will be announced at the Awards Ceremony at the State German Convention, on Saturday afternoon.

  • The winner has to be 18 years old before they begin the study trip (end of June).

  • The winner is required to attend the AATG-GA Awards Ceremony in early May where they will receive the actual award.

  • The winner must upon completion of their stay in Germany submit by the 15th of September of that same year a report for publication on the website of the AATG-GA Chapter.

  • The winner must give permission to AATG-GA Chapter to use their photographs in its electronic publications.

Instructions for the Nominee

  • Check your calendar to make sure you will be able to fulfill all agreed obligations.
  • Print out the APPLICATION FORM complete it, and submit it to the Testing and Awards Chair by the announced deadline.

  • Retain copies of your application and this page for your records.

  • Communicate with your teacher who will be notified about the Awards Ceremony and all other requirements you are expected to meet.


2021  Jesus Lopez Alvarez (Collins Hill High School)

2020  Maggie Lonsway (South Forsyth High School)

2019  Ayonica Bhattacharya (South Forsyth High School)

2018  Christine Yang (South Forsyth High School)

2017  Matthew Powell (South Forsyth High School)

2016  Zachary Sanchez (North Gwinnett High School)

2015  Dae Gun Chung Kim (North Gwinnett High School)

2014  Hildana Haileyesus (Parkview High School)

2013  Chelsea Morris (The Walker School)

2012  Andy Wong (Northview High School)

2011  Justin Meyer (Northview High School)

2010  Allison Kuester (Parkview High School)

2009  Tiffany Diebold (Lakeside High School)

2008  Kate Hardin (Parkview High School)

2007  Elliot Sturmlauf (Parkview High School)

2006  Lorenza Cazares (Collins Hill High School)

2005  Christen Hicks (The Walker School)

2004  Allison Gray (Screven County High School)

2003  Meredith Conrad (Lovett High School)

2002  Alan Hoffman (Marietta High School)

2001  Karin Mader (The Walker School)

2000  Tiffany Lamphere (McEachern School)

1999  Wes Withrow (Screven County High School)

of the Year Award

For several years the Duden Award had taken the place of the former Teacher of the Year Award and was presented to a member of AATG-GA who has distinguished themselves as a teacher of German either through the performance of their students or through exceptional efforts to enhance the teaching of German in the state of Georgia. Starting in 2016, the Duden Award was replaced by both a Teacher of the Year Award and a Professor of the Year Award.

The recipients are chosen by the chapter's Executive Board and committees appointed by the Testing and Awards Chair.

AATG members may nominate colleagues for this award. Nominations accompanied by a brief explanation must be received no later than one week prior to the State German Convention by the AATG-GA Testing Chair.

The award will be presented at the annual AATG-GA Honors Ceremony, usually held on the first Saturday of May.


2021  Timo Snider (Decatur High School)  

2020  Jennifer Lane (Collins Hill High School)  

2019  Bill Morgan (The Walker School)

2018  Jonas Strecker (South Forsyth High School) 

2017  William Bryan (Sandy Creek High School)

2015  Rita Prescott (Union Grove High School)

2014  Michaela Claus-Nix (South Forsyth HS)

2013  Patrick Wallace (Spalding High School)

2011  Dot Kemptner (Northview High School)

2010  Rita Prescott (Union Grove High School)

2009  Jill Tweedy (Collins Hill High School)

2008  Janet Ward (The Walker School)

2007  David Jahner (Brookwood High School)

2006  Cassandra Goolsby (North Gwinnett HS)

2005  Stacey Cummings (Peachtree Ridge HS)

2004  Kevin Keough (McIntosh High School)

2003  David Jahner (Brookwood High School)

2002  Janet Ward (The Walker School) 

2001  Susan Crooks (Pope High School)  

2000  Glen Peppel (The Lovett School)

1999  Jennifer Schultz (Browns Mill Elementary)

1998  Ava Wyatt (Dalton High School)

1997  Rebecca Hauseman (Sprayberry HS)

1996  Jana Müller-Schobel (Norcross HS)


2021  Peter Höyng (Emory University) 

2020  Jenny Strakovsky (Georgia Tech)

2019  Sabine Smith (Kennesaw State University)

2018  Britta Kallin (Georgia Tech)

2017  Inge DiBella (University of Georgia)

2016  Monika Schulte (Piedmont College)

2010  Horst Kurz (Georgia Southern University)

2008  Robin Huff (Georgia State University)

2005  Muriel Cormican (West Georgia State Univ) 

2003  Christine Anton (Berry College)

2002  Tom Cooper (University of Georgia)

2001  Bettina Cothran (Georgia Tech)

2000  Irmgard Immel (Morehouse College)

1999  Edward Weintraut (Mercer University)

1998  Horst Kurz (Georgia Southern University)